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What A Party - 2012!

CME Certificates



45 Registered Classmates and 28 Partners (73) arrived Saturday Evening May 12 2012.

58 Classmates and Partners arrived for brunch on Sunday morning May 13 2012.

Facilities: Food, Drinks and Service were excellent.

Speakers: You could not ask for a more better set of presentations. That's a fact!

Larry Grossman 'State Of The Health System - Past, Present & Future'  

Harvey Shapero 'To Save A Life - Early Detection & Prevention of Melanoma'

David Rapoport 'A Humorous Look At Physicians' Prescribing Habits From A To Z'

Bob Hilliard 'Pediatrics Over The Past 45 Years'

Pics: Sam Berger - Norm Iscove - Ray Tesluk (pending)


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