Waltzing With Lyme: In 3/4 Time

I do not like this thing called Lyme

It bugs me in the summertime

That rash, and swelling of my knee

I really do not like to see

I also do not like the way

My joints and muscles ache all day

My mother says that I'm just lazy

The doctors say I must be crazy

Since I've been bitten by those ticks

They said try antibiotics

So then I looked down the list

To find a rheumatologist

He said to me, It's not neurosis,

You have Lyme Borreliosis

We can make you better, not all the way,

But that could happen any day

So now those pains are not so bad

And my mood is not so sad

And when I travel far and near

I keep away from mice and deer

Because I know that any time

Once again, I could get Lyme


I wish to acknowledge the inspiration of

Theodor S. Geisel,

Rosanne Carinci,

and the many patients with Lyme Disease whom I have seen,


Arthur Weistein, MD

New York Medical College

Valhalla, NY

Chronic Lyme Disease Lament

A man with fatigue and joint pain

Thought that Lyme had relapsed once again,

Doxycycline for years

Brought nothing but tears

And his hopes for a cure were in vain.

Arthur Weinstein, MD