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Once again the Reunion Committee has gathered together to plan the 55th reunion of MedClass67.

The members of the Reunion Committee are:

Shin Felsen

Harvey Shapero

Sam Berger

Dave Mitchell

David Rapoport

Jack Richman

Ray Tesluk

Evaline Berger



ClassMates & Partners 34/27 (61)




LOOK!!! Who's Coming ... Sam Berger & Eveline *** Louis Brenner & Carol *** Harvey Bruner & Rosemary *** Peter Carlen & . *** Christine Derzko & Nicholas *** Shim Felsen & Vivian *** Raphael Folman & . *** Elliott Grad & Nancy *** Robert Hilliard & Jean *** H Bun Ip & . *** Norman Iscove & Anita *** Nolan Kane & Eva *** Anne Lazenby & . *** Terry Alikse Lingys & William Davison *** Paul Manley & Katherine *** Don Mickle & Sarah Carvalho *** David Mitchell & Lynne *** Donald Niece & . *** Donald Norris & . *** Terry Picton & Nina *** Ron Peroff & Karen *** Jean Porter & Alfred Kucharski *** David Palframan & Janet *** David Posen & Susan *** Kenneth Pritzker & Carol *** David Rapoport & Sharon *** Steven Richie & Barbara *** Jack Richman & Editt Davidovici *** Michael Schwartz & Judith *** Harvey Shapero & Heather *** Ron Strickler & Diana *** Ray Tesluk & Anne *** Anne Tesluk & Ray *** Gordon Weisbrod & Sharon ***



Shim Felsen & Vivian

Harvey Shapero & Heather

Sam Berger & Eveline

David Mitchell & Lynne

David Rapoport & Sharon

Jack Richman & Editt Davidovici

Raphael Folman

Ray Tesluk & Anne

Harvey Bruner & Rosemary

Louis Brenner & Carol

Peter Carlen

Christine Derzko & Nicholas

Elliott Grad & Nancy

Robert Hilliard & Jean

H Bun Ip

Norman Iscove & Anita

Nolan Kane & Eva

Anne Lazenby

Terry Alikse Lingys & William Davison

Paul Manley & Katherine

Don Mickle & Sarah Carvalho

Donald Niece

Donald Norris

David Palframan & Janet

Terry Picton & Nina

Ron Peroff & Karen

Jean Porter & Alfred Kucharski

David Posen & Susan

Kenneth Pritzker & Carol

Steven Richie & Barbara

Michael Schwartz & Judith

Ron Strickler & Diana

Anne Tesluk & Ray

Gordon Weisbrod & Sharon

Meetings were held Oct 3, Mar 13, Apr 5, May 3, May 17 May 31 2022 via 'Zoom'.

A Stat Report was presented by Ray Tesluk

Total Classmates with email addresses 78

Total Classmates with emailOUT addresses 30

Total Classmates Deceassd 24

Total Classmates 132






Committee Diary

September 6, 2006 The committee met at Shim's residence to discuss the upcoming 2007 reunion. Don Niece gave an update financial status. There is $3000.00 in our account. We decided to create this website. Every member was given tasks and would report back to the committee.

September 24 2006 Dave Mitchell has joined the committee.

Next meeting will be held at Shim Felsen's residence Wednesday November 8, 2006.

Harvey Shapero has taken over the treasurer's duties from Don Niece who had cardiac surgery. Best wishes to Don!

The 1st mailing has been sent.

Some stats:

1967 Graduating classmates 132

Deceased 10

Unknown 1 (Wesley Chow)

Current 121

Living in Canada 100

British Columbia 11

New Brunswick 2

Quebec 2

Saskatchewan 3

Ontario 82

Living in USA 20

California 9

Florida 2

Georgia 1

Hawaii 1

Maryland 1

Massachusetts 2

Michigan 1

Mississippi 1

Pennsylvania 1

Tennessee 1

Living in UK 1

Jan 9 2007

We  have received positive replies from the 1st mailing from 16 classmates and their names have been posted on the registry page.

Tuesday February 6 2007.

The committee met at Shim's place, Wednesday January 31, 2007. Harvey has received positive replies from 22 classmates who will be attending the reunion click here. Only 1 package was returned from the 1st mailing and that classmate (Larry Lacey) has been located in Ontario.

The 2nd mailing was sent out Monday February 5 2007.

We met April 12 2007 at Shim's place to put the finishing touches on the reunion festivities.

Harvey has received more positive replies and the total now is 44 classmates with 30 partners who will be attending click here .

The committee has been aided by the hard work of Eveline Berger, Vivian Felsen and Heather Shapero - Thank you very much!

April 16 2007

Our CME Programme has been approved by the The Ontario College of Family Physicians for 3.0 Mainpro-M1 Credits! Check it out here.

April 27 2007

The 3rd and last mailing was sent this week to those classmates who have not responded earlier or were unable to be contacted by phone, fax or email - totaling 49



Again, the reunion committee met at Shim Felsen's residence in Sept and Nov 2011 and Jan and Mar 2012.

Members of the committee are Shim Felsen (our outstanding coordinator), Sam Berger, Harvey Shapero, Norm Iscove, Dave Mitchell, David Rapoport and Ray Tesluk.

We thank Vivian Felsen, Eveline Berger and Heather Shapero for their tremendous contribution in organizing this 45th reunion.

There were two mailings Dec 2011 and Feb 2012 followed by an all out call system in March 2012 to reach those outstanding classmates who had not replied to the mailings.

Mailing Statistics

UK White Chapel England               1


CA           9
FL            2
MA           2
TN            1
MD           1
GA           1
MI            1
HI            1
MS           1
Subtotal 19                                  19

Total Outside Canada                 20

Other Provinces

BC                           12
SK                             2
PQ                             2
NB                             2
Subtotal                    18               18


Toronto                   26               26

Other Places In Ontario

North York 4 Don Mills 2 Oakwood 2 Richmond Hill 2 Mississauga 3 Burlington 1
Willowdale 5 Newmarket 1 Downsview 2 Thornhill 1 Scarborough 2
Islington 1 Markham 1 Ayton (near Mt. Allison) 1 London 2
Cambridge 1 Grande Valley 1 Welland 1 Brantford 1 Bowmanville 1 Kitchener 1
Orillia 1 North Bay 1 Lindsay 1 Brampton 1 Goderich 1 Kingston 1
Conastoga 1 Sudbury 1 Ottawa 4 Port Hope 2 Peterborough 1 Waterloo 1
Oshawa 1 Niagara-on-the-Lake 1

Sub-Total                           55

Total Toronto                      26

Total Ontario                    81               81

Total Other Provinces                            18

Total Canada                                        99

Total Outside Canada                            20

Grand Total                                         119

Unfortunately, we learnt of the death of Bruce Evans in January 2012.

We are left with 118 classmates that are alive and standing!!!


1967 - 2017

The reunion committee met Sep 28 2016 to begin planning for our 50th Reunion

We were able to decide several items fairly quickly; namely,

Date and Venue Jun 3/4 2017 at the Donalda Club and the Prince Hotel.

A logo and the 1st flyer.

The 1st Flyer package was sent out Nov 10th 2016 to 117 classmates

Total Class No. 132

Deceased 14 (Michael Bach, D.J. Duckworth, William Forder, Suzanne Hasty, Allan Kaye, Paul Patterson, John Smialek, Roy Chin, Loreno Lorenzi, Kevin Woolnough, Mori Cohen, Igor Laufer, Bruce Evans and Ron Sears)

Missing 1 (Wesley Chow)

Alive and Still Standing  117!!!

In Canada 97

In USA 19

In UK 1

As of Dec 18 2016, there were 12 rejects of which 9 where found and were sent another package. The 3 still not found are Roy Lomas, David Puplampu and Aris Slesers.

We will continue to try to find these people.

Early on the morning of February 1st, 2017, Ed Attersley passed away peacefully in the Palliative Care Unit of the Markham Stouffville Hospital.

His children were by his side throughout the day comforting him as well as dear friends and family who came to say their goodbyes.

Dr. Ed Attersley - RIP - 30.

Alive and Still Standing 116!!!

Feb 16 2017

Ron Strickler has written a poem specifically to celebrate our 50th Year Reunion named '6T7'. It is located on the 'Flyer' page as a link to it.

The committee is very proud of Ron's ability and urges other classmates, if possible to donate anything that they see fit to our website.

Congratulations Ron!

A Second Flyer package will be sent out near the end of March 2017

The 2nd Flyer package was sent out Feb 28 2017 to all 110 classmates who could be located..

Art Weinstein has sent in two poems which are accessed from the Flyer page under 'Lyme'.

Congratulations Art!

The final mailing tally is as follows:

Original number of classmates 132

Those deceased 15

One has been 'missing' forever 1 (Wesley Chow)

There were Six (6) classmates that could NOT be located even after an exhaustive search, including the Web, Facebook, Linkedin, The College, The OMA and other leads.

They are

Mounir Behamdouni

Allan Lewis

Philip Loftus

Roy Lomas

David Puplampu

Aris Slesers

Final Tally 132 -15 -1 -6 = 110 'Connected' Classmates

Mar 14 2017

2nd Mailing Rejections

Jordan Achiume      No   CPSO

Joachim Berndt      Yes CPSO

Doug Chenoweth     Yes CPSO

Sheldon Goldstein    Yes CPSO

Steven Ritchie         No   CPSO  

We have planned an exciting program for you and still have time to mingle with our classmates.

Medical Alumni Association  Convocation Banquet 2017

Monday, Jun 5, 2017

Hart House

University of Toronto

Registration & Class Photos @ 5 p.m.

Reception, Dinner & Awards Ceremony @ 5:45 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.


Invitations will be sent out by the Alumni


Apr 22 2017


We are down to the final countdown. Here is a list of the Undecided Classmates (click) ->


May 1 2017


The latest counts are 48 classmates have signed up with 35 partners leaving 52 classmates as undecided


May 2 2017


Dave Mitchell made some phone calls and found out that


Andrew Dvorak

Jean Porter

Leo Quinn

Jaroslav Sklar

Toni Swechin-Greatrex


are Not coming leaving 47 classmates as undecided.


May 3 2017


David Rapoport made some phone calls and found out that


Sheldon Goldstein (ON SECOND REJECTS FEB 28 2017)

Sheldon Katz

Larry Kazman


are NOT coming leaving 45 classmates as undecided


May 5 2017


The latest counts are 49 have signed up with 36 partners totaling 85 people, leaving 44 classmates as undecided.


May 12 2017


The latest counts are 52 have signed up with 38 partners totaling 90 people, leaving 41 classmates as undecided.


Here is a list of the Undecided Classmates (click) ->

Looking forward to seeing you in June 2017!

Jun 15 2017

Well that was a blast!!!

Saturday afternoon and evening at the Donelda Club with great ambiance, delicious food and entertainment by the fabulous Sentimentalist. There was a toast to Toni Swechin-Greatrex who donated funds to our committee and we in turn gave her a resounding toast which champagne. Toni received a video of the event, thanks to the wonderful help of Heather and Harvey Shapero.

Sunday brought us back for a 'CME' at the Prince Hotel, with excellent talks by Michael Scharwtz, Ron Peroff, Art Weinstein and Ron Strickler.

AND, there was another event on Monday evening at Hart House - University Of Toronto, with a banquet, pins and photos beginning @ 5:00 p,m,

Many pics were taken which have been posted on this web site (including the videos and presentations) for all of us to view and remember what a fantastic week-end we all enjoyed!

Looking forward to seeing you in 2022!!!

Aug 4 2017

On July 27 2017, Roy Lomas passed away at the University Hospital in London, Ontario.

Roy Lomas RIP - 30.

See Obituary

Aug 21 2019

On Aug 19 2019, Evelyn Singh passed away in Toronto

Dec 31 2019

On April 12 2019, Allan N. Lewis passed away in Oakland, California. Allan left a successful business career to pursue medicine, completing his medical education at age 40. Following an internal medicine residency in San Francisco, he engaged in clinical practice and policy development in Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, and Niger. Allan chronicled many of his experiences in his 2004 book, 'A Prescription for Adventure'.

Ray Tesluk